How to Pack Your House for Moving (with Kids)

Our family recently moved to a new house. This was our first relocation with the kids, so there were a lot more moving parts than there were when it was just the two of us.  Based on our experience, here are some things we learned about the moving and packing process:

Now that you have decided to move, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind as you prepare to make that move. One of the big ones is just how your kids are going to take it when you both break the news to your kids and get them ready as you move closer to the big day. Nothing is going to make the move entirely painless, there is going to be angst, there are going to be arguments, and there is going to be tears. There is a way where this anxiety can be fought off, but you should now that there will be some fighting no matter how you handle it. The key is to make sure that once the move is made your family feels like they’re home.

1. Discuss the move with your kids the moment you can

While you are likely going to run into some anger or sadness, especially if you are moving far away, the kids knowing what is happening is going to make things better. Make sure you discuss it, rather than telling them and then telling them they just need to accept it. Make sure they feel like they are part of the family and are being consulted about this move, even if they don’t have veto power.

2. Come up with a plan for them to help

One of the ways your kids are going to feel as though they are truly part of the move. You can also get more done, depending on how old the kids are by making sure they are packing up their things. Give them some boxes for them to organize their belongings, show them how they should pack everything, including their fragile things, and then let them go to town.

Now is also a great time for you to downsize and declutter. Get the kids involved with organizing a garage sale or use this as an opportunity to share with them the joy of giving to others by donating their unwanted toys. Reducing clutter cuts moving costs and will help you keep your new home organized.

3. Make a schedule and stick to it

You’re always going to want to make sure you have come up with a schedule to handle a move. The schedule is even more important when it comes to working with kids to get ready. Those kids are going to want to find things to do every night that doesn’t have anything to do with moving. You should make sure there is a daily schedule, laying out what the kids should be doing and what you should be doing. This will allow the whole family to stay on task. It will also give the children an idea of what you are doing to get ready for the move. This will help keep them from getting underfoot and will help them see the work you are doing. All of this will help them understand the move and accept the move that much easier.

4. Hire a professional moving company

In the past, we’ve always been those U-Haul renters that DIY the whole move. But now, with little ones running around, we thought it might be best to hire a residential mover to help get the job done. On moving day, we were so thankful we made this decision. We dropped the kids off with Grams and Pop-Pop and met the movers at the house. They had the whole truck loaded in a few hours, and by later that evening we were able to pick up the kids and start unpacking at the new place. When you have kids, hiring a moving company to help may be a worthwhile investment.

By getting your kids involved in the packing and the preparation for the move, they will think of the place they are going to as home more quickly. They will understand and accept the move because they helped pack and get ready.