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Hi, my name is Kensington Wade, but you can just call me Kenzie like my friends do. I’m a corporate lawyer turned stay-at-home mom with two little boys and a third little one (a girl this time!) on the way. While there was a lot of pressure to stay in the workforce (after all, I did spend a lot of years in school), staying home with my kids has been the best choice for my family and me.

When I returned to work 4 months after giving birth to my first son Aiden, I remember sitting in the car bawling after dropping him off for his first morning at daycare. Everyone told me the feelings would pass, and that I would adjust to being away from him. While the tears did dry up after the first week of being back at work, I found that I was no longer my normal self. The daily grind of trying to keep up with breastfeeding between client meetings (one time I had to pump in a janitor’s closet!), rushing to pick up Aiden every day, trying to get my body back in shape, and attempting to spend quality time with my husband wore me out. I was always tired, stressed out, and snippy, when I used to be energized, upbeat, and ready to tackle anything. My work suffered, my family suffered, and most of all I suffered. Every day I felt like a shell of my former self.

Some women are cut out to be working moms. I applaud those who can succeed at demanding careers while juggling the demands of home life. Often, I wish that could be me, but I’ve accepted it isn’t. With the support of my husband, I left my job six months after going back to work to stay home with Aiden. I started this blog to chronicle our lives, sharing my new fixation with healthy living, fitness, food, and being a full-time mom!

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